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Rocket Dog was featured in Meerkat Manor.She wasn't seen munch till season 3.There was a group split and Rocket Dog assumed domacaince.While being leader,Len and Squggy, both died.Rocket Dog had a bit trouble,and then she gave birth above ground.Rocket Dog tried to help her pups,but the pups died.Rocket Dog then found Flower's group.Flower chaggled Rocket Dog for leadership,but Rocket Dog handed over leader ship without a fight.Later,Flower died and she rose to power.Rocket Dog managed to have trouble again,espaliy with her sister,Mabyline. Rocket Dog's two sisters,Dasiy and Mabyline gave birth,however Rocket Dog allwoed there pips to live and did not evict them.Rocket Dog then moved the pups to a new burrow,but Mabyline refused to move them.Zaphod saves the day by carrying the pups to a new burrow.Then,Mabyline left the Whiskers and formed the Aztecs.Rocket Dog could do nothing about it,but some of the meerkats returned to the Whiskers.Rocket Dog's father,Zaphod and other males were separated front he whiskers,and joined the Aztecs.Rocket Dog then tried to mate,but whenever that happened the males would be chased.Rocket Dog gave birth to Nuget and Beaker.Once,Shophie and Simon took the pups on a foreigning trip when they were noel three weeks old.Simon died,but the pups were returned.Rocket Dog left ingaured Sophie behind to defend for herself.She allowed her to return.Rocket Dog's pups were underground,when a puff adder was in there.She saved Nugget,but Beaker was left behind.Rocket Dog went underground bravely,and saves her.Rocket Dog soon evicted Wiley Kat,Sophie and Rita.Rocket Sog allwod Rita to return,but they were both pregnant.Rocket Dog first gave birth,but Rita killed her litter.Rita gave birth to a single pup named Juno,but she ingored him.Rocker Dog then took care of him.She moves the family again to a home where a Puff Adder was.Rocket Dog was bitten by it,on the head.She had to move the family,but she was too weak.Luckiley,she lived and was proved as a noble brave leader like her mother.


Favorite color:Purple


Favrite thing to do:Lead her family

Rocket Dog likes to help her family.

Role Playing Edit

1:Silver Shine