Shakespere is a character from Meerkat Manor as the hero. He was seen in the first episode, keeping a lookout. Shakespere found Mitch, who was kidnapped by teenagers. Shakespere saved him and brought him back to safety. Shakespere and the Whiskers were once mobbing a snake when Shakespeare was bitten on the check and leg. Shakespeare struggled finding food and keeping a lookout. It was loyal of Mozart and Tosca, who stayed with Shakespere. Shakespeare finally recovered. Shakespeare's uncle caused a burrow move, but Shakespere saved the two week old pups. The group split and Shakespeare was in the bigger half. Shakespere spotted the Lazuil ,and he led the other half of the Whiskers to a bolt hole. Shakespere didn't take dominance though. The group reunited soon after. Then, two youngsters were babysitting Flower's pups and they left the tiny pups alone .Luckliy, Shakespere found the burrow and babysat the pups. Tosca came in the burrow and tried to kill the pups, but Shakespeare chased her away. One day, while babysitting, the Lazuil came and attacked the burrow. Shakespeare defended them, but he disappeared and was perhaps killed. Shakespeare was a courageous hero and will never be forgotten.

Role PlayingEdit

You can act as Shakespere,singn up here:




Section headingEdit

Shakespere's personality:Adventers,brave,and nice

Favorite Thing To Do: Babysit, search for food.

Crush: None

Best Friend: Mozart

Favorite Color: Blue

Shakespere likes to help out too.

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